Past Exhibitions:

Katherine Johnstone
17 Seconds 4 Art
Front Window Installation
Varying Dimensions
Mirror, Wood, Velum, Camera, Social Media

An ongoing interactive display, to view the images it captures on Divisadero Street, follow: https://www.instagram.com/17seconds4art/

Pat Goggins
Main Wall Installation
In The Company of Lawyers

For 34 years, from 1961-1994, Pat Goggins sold a million law books to lawyers- the essential tools of the trade in an era before the internet. During this time,Pat studied his clients-observing them in law schools and witnessing them representing clients. He watched many become judges and public servants at all levels.

Pat found the law to be a noble process that serves to help people. He admires the contributions of lawyers in our communities and for society- participating with them in causes and seeing them in leisure time. After retirement, he began capturing just a few of the many lawyers Pat knows and loves in their off-duty moments with his old Hasselblad lm camera.

His 2018 exhibit of black and white photographs, In the Company of Lawyers, gives us a glimpse into the distinctive lives of various attorneys, and reveals hints of why Pat appreciates their humanity.

Michael Krouse is pleased to announce

For this show at Madrone Art Bar, Michael is throwing a stone of optimism at the divisions that have dominated the news throughout the past year. The simple message of MORE LOVE LESS HATE has been turned into a graphic image that will be used in a repetitive pattern to create a wall drawing spanning the entire length of the main wall 43ft long by 10ft high. In addition, there will be prints and posters given out for people to take home and share the message.

In the front window, there will be 2 custom designed bicycles. Both furthering the concept of MORE LOVE LESS HATE. The bikes will be raffled off on Christmas DAY. 100% of the proceeds from the bike raffle will benefit victims of the Las Vegas Shooting and The Northern California Fire Victims

Michael Spike Krouse was born smiling, during the second round of the biggest fight in history, when Ali met Frazier for the first time as two undefeated champions in New York City’s Madison Square Garden. Raised in Las Vegas. Nevada. The son of a Holocaust Survivor turned exotic dancer and a WWII fighter pilot turned gambler & cab driver. He went on to receive a BA from Marquette University in 1992, and also studied at: (but never graduated from) UNLV, The San Francisco Art Institute, The San Francisco Studio School, and The Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics. His work has been shown throughout the United States and also covered in Ad-busters Magazine, Punk-Planet Magazine, Asterisk SF, The San Francisco Chronicle, SFAQ, CNN, 7X7, The Bay Guardian, White Hot Magazine and Jazz Now Magazine. He has been awarded grants from The Office of the Mayor, San Francisco, and the Bill Graham Foundation. He lives in San Francisco with his two daughters and his dog. He is also the owner of The Madrone Art Bar, Pops Bar & Bar Fluxus.
City Nights by Paul Hermann
Main Wall Installation

Paul Hermann is a San Francisco based oil painter.

He is currently creating painterly and colorful portraits of the cityscape that reflect how he experiences the beauty of classic San Francisco locations that are instantly recognizable to locals.

The current collection is based on well over a decade of photographs taken on nightly walks through the neighborhoods of the city.


"Apotropaia: Deliver us from Evil"
Front Window Installation
by Ann Belden

"Most cultures have symbols through which they express the need for protection. Certain objects have been designated as apotropaic (from the Greek for “to turn away”), having the power to ward off evil. They include, but are not limited to, bay leaves, various trees, copper, silver, coral, evil eyes, relics, mezuzahs, horseshoes, jack o’ lanterns, crucifixes, tattoos, wild roses, garlic, phalli, amulets, talismans, seals, mojo bags, bone rattles, petitions to Saint Michael the Archangel and other saints, the Star of David, tiger skins, holy water, mirrors, holy water, and fu dogs.

My own concrete representations of intention to protect ourselves are displayed here. I’ve worked with traditional symbols and created my own apotropaia which I describe as a cross between religious art and something you’d knock down at the county fair to win a prize. I’ve been working with these symbols for years, but I think most of us would agree that we need protection now more than ever. I’m happy to show them at Madrone Art Bar, which sports its very own “Evil B Gone” sign over the bar."

Ann Belden is a painter, sculptor, and installation artist living and working in San Francisco. Born in Canton, Ohio, she attended University of Michigan where she earned her B.F.A. in Painting and Drawing. She moved to San Francisco and turned her talents on the culinary arts, working as chef in her own restaurant and bakery for thirteen years.

In the early nineties, she returned to fine art, and began painting again. She studied metal sculpture under Joyce Clements of Bolinas, California, and worked as her apprentice for 3 years.

She continues to paint and make sculpture, and since 2004 has been traveling from coast to coast making large outdoor installation work on the grounds of various galleries and institutions.

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