Past Exhibitions:

belonging by Shannon Weber
Jan 10th - March 31st

What creates belonging? What deepens belonging? What alters belonging?

You are invited! Join an interactive window installation reflecting on our current state of belongingness—an uber networked world where many yearn for connection, for a place, and a sense of belonging.

Share your desire, your gratitude, your longing. Witness the story of the neighborhood unfold. Follow the journey at @xoshannonweber

Shannon Weber is a San Francisco based ephemeral artist on a mission to change the world one love note at a time. She thrives covertly hanging love notes in public places without permission.

Art and Paintings by Nick Sirotich
January 10 - March 10, 2018

DARKSIDE is a collection of paintings, illustrations and murals by award winning artist Nick Sirotich A.K.A. Nickelopsus. He'll be unveiling an array of new and never-before-seen works at this solo show at Madrone Art Bar.

Nick is a San Francisco-based illustrator, muralist and fine artist with over a decade of professional experience designing and creating for clients and collectors around the world. This new collection will showcase his recent works, and feature a massive, hand painted mural on the walls of Madrone. His graphic, expressive style, which is inspired by street art and the taboo, has a broad appeal. See more of his work at nicksirotich.com
Madrone Art Bar is pleased to announce:

say yes + Don’t give a f*ck
*buy art

September 7th-October 15th

Divisadero Art Walk & Artist Reception:
Thursday, October 4th / 6-9pm

SF Open Studios Hub Exhibition 2018
October 13th & 14th / 11am-6pm


silvi alcivar

shane izykowski

sonia leticia

maureen shields
What Happens to You Here is Forever

What Happens to You Here is Forever is a mandatory love letter to our protector and provider, Big Brother. It is a look into how our lives are continually bettered by the vigilance, hard work, and generosity of our Inner Party Members. Give thanks to the Ministry of Plenty. Give thanks to BB.

Ministry of Plenty laborer and Outer Party member Andy Pitts lives and works in San Francisco. He creates visual ephemera for the betterment of his Brothers and Sisters. In his free time, Andy is an Art/Creative Director at Deluxe Distribution, cranking out art for the skateboarding masses. He has been known on occasion to travel, enjoy beer, create nonsense and pet dogs.

Instagram: @andy_pitts

by Ron Richardson

Carpentry by Kirt Fitzpatrick
Art Direction by Omar Rodriguez-Rodriguez

Looking for beauty in unlikely places, Ron Richardson photographs colorful urban details so small, so unobtrusive, so unimportant that most walk by without noticing. In these nooks and crannies of our civilization, the natural meets the artificial: plants grow in the cracks, litter mixes with fallen flowers, and metal rusts into glory.

Ron Richardson has been honing his unique abstract photography style for over two decades. With a body of work in the many thousands of photos he has taken to the streets to build a new collection specifically for Madrone.

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