Past Exhibitions:

Elisabeth Kohnke
Lightweights, 2017
(printed PVC plastic and air)
Main Wall Installation

Elisabeth Kohnke is a visual artist working primarily in installation, video and photography. Her interests reside in ecosystems, self-reflexivity, post-humanism and memory. Since the early 2000's she has performed and collaborated with many bay area artists, dancers and filmmakers. Kohnke managed the Experimental Media Arts program at Stanford University for 7 years until leaving in 2014 to pursue an MFA and MA at the San Francisco Art Institute. Kohnke was born in Monterey, CA and currently lives and works in San Francisco, CA.

*Special thanks to Larger Than Life Inflatables

"By utilizing subtle humor and perceptual disorientation, my practice attempts to playfully challenge the viewer's notion of normal; to unravel common societal practices and reveal their dysfunctional systems of power that are frequently ignored. I am drawn to architecture and consumer objects because their intrinsic design and function conveys a capitalist identity containing an inherent yet sometimes fallible logic. Natural materials play a key role in my artwork as well, for economically powerful infrastructures cannot proliferate without a persistent network of contributing resources." - Elisabeth Kohnke


Kundan Baidwan
American Ramayan: defeating evil with virtue, intellect, and a resistance to persecution
Front Window Installation

Kundan Baidwan received her BA in Visual Arts at University of California, San Diego in 2001. While in San Diego, Kundan showed both on campus and with galleries including Social Club & Gallery and 838, and was selected for Regional Artists Show by the Art Institute, Balboa Park. After college she worked as mural restoration assistant in Paris under the tutelage of Bruno Poirier. Kundan made her Bay Area debut at Heart in 2011, where she was heralded as their most successful selling artist. She has continued to show throughout the West Coast with exhibitions in San Francisco, Pacifica and Los Angeles.

Madrone Art Bar presents:
Main Wall Installation APRIL, MAY, JUNE 2017
Opening Reception Sunday April 9, 2017 6-9pm

The Employee Art Show reveals the incredible talent and passion for art making that is the core of our business philosophy and mission statement.

This exhibition contains artwork in various mediums by employees of Madrone Art Bar, Pop's Bar, & Bar Fluxus. They work as Bartenders, Bar-Backs, Doormen, Musicians, DJ's and even family members. Some are more advanced and formal than others, as people are in different places in their art making experience, and as we believe, "Art is a life long challenge." Creativity breeds success, and inspires internal motivation, that can be transferred to other areas of a person's life. Creative expression exists in everyone, even if the results are not meant to be shared with others.

Participating Artists:
Ellie Bobrowski (Bartender at Pops Bar)
Jeff Bostic (DJ Pops)
Max Cohen (Musician Madrone)
Eric Davis (Inventory Specialist: Madrone)
Angela DeCenzo (Former Bartender: Madrone)
Anthony Grant (DJ: madrone 90's night)
Matt Grippo (Cocktail creator at Bar Fluxus)
Michael Spike Krouse (Owner)
Isabella Krouse (daughter of Owner)
Seraphina Krouse (daughter of Owner)
Lija Kukle (Bartender Madrone)
Deb Leal (Bartender Madrone)
Jeremiah Lebrecht (DJ Madrone/Pops/Fluxus)
Stephanie Murphy (Bartender Madrone)
Tim Ryan (DJ Madrone)
RadioActive (Musician Madrone, Fluxus)
Tom Tierney (Owner, Pops)
Nicole Shaughn (Bartender Madrone)
CM Samala (DJ Madrone)
Main Wall Graffiti Mural
on display at Madrone Art Bar

Cave is a 12-year-old graffiti artist in San Francisco. He wants to keep his identity secret, just like the graffiti masters.

Interest in Cave's work first garnered the attention of KQED... "11-Year-Old Graffiti Artist's Passion Starts with Street Signs... Cave's passion for graffiti started early. It began with signs. "I actually learned how to read through traffic signs, because I used to know what they said by heart, like stop, one way and stuff." When Cave saw lettering he liked, he would make his parents stop in the street so he could admire it. At home he made copies of the signs and pasted them onto cardboard. He loved signs so
much that one Halloween he dressed up as the falling rock sign."


As he got older his interest in signage transitioned to the lettering of Graffiti. His always-supportive parents asked people within the art community for advice and direction. They took him to meet working artist in their studios, here in San Francisco and throughout the world. They signed him up for classes at 1AM Gallery. They even built him a wall in their back yard that he has painted at least 75 times. This parental support has offered him the opportunity over the past three years to travel and paint murals in Berlin, Paris, London, Miami, New York, LA and Chicago. He also has a future commission in Hong Kong.

I first met Cave, when he was 3 years old. He and my daughter were in the same pre-school class here in San Francisco. He immediately stood out to me, as he was always wearing a brightly colored fluorescent construction vest, and carrying yellow caution tape. Having followed his progression as a young artist I offered him the opportunity to paint my interior walls. While I watched him work, I was amazed by his determination and the absence of hesitation with every mark he made.

His work represents hope and the potential that an ambitious creative spirit possesses to change the future. His artistic passion is contagious and who knows where his art will lead this 12-year-old!

-Michael Spike Krouse

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