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You and Me on a Sunny Day
by Rocky McCorkle
Main Wall Installation
February/March 2016

A five-year project started in 2007, You and Me on a Sunny Day is the first narrative film shot entirely with 8x10-inch cameras.

Based on observations from his real-life grandmother, You and Me on a Sunny Day is a non-motion picture written and photographed by Rocky McCorkle. As a voyeur, we have the privilege of following widow Millie (Gilda Todar) around her San Francisco apartment where time appears to have stopped. Millie's morning routine gets run off-course when her favorite film, Sunset Boulevard, unexpectedly comes on television.

McCorkle’s main vision for this work is to reshape the museum experience by creating a walk-through-movie. Telling this personal story through 135 sequential photographs, the installation stretches over 1000 feet giving the viewer a film experience like no other.

Text about Gilda and Rocky:

Rocky McCorkle is an internationally exhibited photographer who lives in San Francisco. McCorkle received his MFA in Photography from the San Francisco Art Institute. Photography from this series is in the permanent collection at the Berkeley Art Museum (BAM/PFA) and the Tweed Museum of Art.

Gilda Todar was born in 1927 in San Mateo, California, and this is her first starring role. An avid moviegoer and bridge player, her favorite film is Sunset Boulevard. Like the fictional character she embodies in You and Me, she has her own exhilarating connection to the island country as a winner of the New Zealand Lotto. As a youngster, she had aspirations of becoming an actress and landing this part has inspired her to follow her dreams. In Todar’s words, “In my next life, I will pursue acting.”
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