Current Exhibition:

February 27th to May 2014
On the main wall:

New Myths For Old: Recent Heroines in Their Natural Element
Figure Paintings by Jeffrey Beauchamp

Jeffrey Beauchamp is a Bay Area painter who has shown around the country to unrelenting acclaim. He finds it difficult to maintain his relative obscurity but somehow has managed. He was most recently nominated for the SF MOMA’s SECA award but did not win, thank god.

In the Front Window: MARCH, APRIL & MAY

Bill Rupel & Diana Hartman: McKlucky\'s Bar

Opening Reception: Thursday 2-27 6-PM
featuring live music by: This is Embarrasing.

Bill Rupel has a history in theater and is no stranger to building elaborate sets. Diana Hartman is an avid painter and Mixed Media artist. Combining their skills they built a small bar, called McKlucky\'s, to fit a cast of knit rubber chickens. The first knit chicken was made well before the bar idea was conceived. It was made on a whim and was named Carl. His popularity grew and he soon became the front man of the band This Is Embarrassing, where Bill is on guitar and vocals. Carl also stared in a video to promote the Recreation and Leisure Department of the City of Sunnyvale. Carl and his knit friends always bring on a variety of responses, ranging from laughter to confusion, but always represent the absurd.
Diana\'s art work can be seen frequently at City Art in San Francisco. Her work is whimsical and surreal, using animals as the subject matter. The work is painted in drawers and on cupboard doors, found abandoned in the city. Often the pieces have a three dimensional quality and incorporate found objects. Diana\'s work can also be seen online at:www.dianahartmanart.com
This is Embarrassing, founded by Bill, can be heard at www.tietheband.com. Upcoming shows are posted on the site, as well as on the band\'s face book page.
Carl, the star of the band, can be followed on his blog: www.wearecarl.wordpress.com
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