Current Exhibition:

A site-specific new media installation by Michael Spike Krouse
April 11th 2016 through May 8th 2016

Started on January 1, 2013, during the peak of the gas price war, I photographed the intersection just outside my window. Not one day was missed during the calendar year, resulting in a celebration of reality at this particular location. I then took the daily images and created an ordered grid of this reality. Creating an inner landscape of current popular culture. An investigation into how everything changes yet somehow doesn’t change at all.

The grid will now be placed on the very street billboard pictured repeatedly in all the images for 27 days (April 11th 2016 to May 8th 2016). During those 27 days, the billboard will be photographed within itself, thus creating one final grid, of the image within itself. A final circular description of Divisadero and Fell Streets in San Francisco, CA.
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