Current Exhibition:

Madrone Art Bar presents:
Main Wall Installation APRIL, MAY, JUNE 2017
Opening Reception Sunday April 9, 2017 6-9pm

The Employee Art Show reveals the incredible talent and passion for art making that is the core of our business philosophy and mission statement.

This exhibition contains artwork in various mediums by employees of Madrone Art Bar, Pop's Bar, & Bar Fluxus. They work as Bartenders, Bar-Backs, Doormen, Musicians, DJ's and even family members. Some are more advanced and formal than others, as people are in different places in their art making experience, and as we believe, "Art is a life long challenge." Creativity breeds success, and inspires internal motivation, that can be transferred to other areas of a person's life. Creative expression exists in everyone, even if the results are not meant to be shared with others.

Participating Artists:
Ellie Bobrowski (Bartender at Pops Bar)
Jeff Bostic (DJ Pops)
Max Cohen (Musician Madrone)
Eric Davis (Inventory Specialist: Madrone)
Angela DeCenzo (Former Bartender: Madrone)
Anthony Grant (DJ: madrone 90's night)
Matt Grippo (Cocktail creator at Bar Fluxus)
Michael Spike Krouse (Owner)
Isabella Krouse (daughter of Owner)
Seraphina Krouse (daughter of Owner)
Lija Kukle (Bartender Madrone)
Deb Leal (Bartender Madrone)
Jeremiah Lebrecht (DJ Madrone/Pops/Fluxus)
Stephanie Murphy (Bartender Madrone)
Tim Ryan (DJ Madrone)
RadioActive (Musician Madrone, Fluxus)
Tom Tierney (Owner, Pops)
Nicole Shaughn (Bartender Madrone)
CM Samala (DJ Madrone)
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