Current Exhibition:

Elisabeth Kohnke
Lightweights, 2017
(printed PVC plastic and air)
Main Wall Installation

Elisabeth Kohnke is a visual artist working primarily in installation, video and photography. Her interests reside in ecosystems, self-reflexivity, post-humanism and memory. Since the early 2000's she has performed and collaborated with many bay area artists, dancers and filmmakers. Kohnke managed the Experimental Media Arts program at Stanford University for 7 years until leaving in 2014 to pursue an MFA and MA at the San Francisco Art Institute. Kohnke was born in Monterey, CA and currently lives and works in San Francisco, CA.

*Special thanks to Larger Than Life Inflatables

"By utilizing subtle humor and perceptual disorientation, my practice attempts to playfully challenge the viewer's notion of normal; to unravel common societal practices and reveal their dysfunctional systems of power that are frequently ignored. I am drawn to architecture and consumer objects because their intrinsic design and function conveys a capitalist identity containing an inherent yet sometimes fallible logic. Natural materials play a key role in my artwork as well, for economically powerful infrastructures cannot proliferate without a persistent network of contributing resources." - Elisabeth Kohnke


Kundan Baidwan
American Ramayan: defeating evil with virtue, intellect, and a resistance to persecution
Front Window Installation

Kundan Baidwan received her BA in Visual Arts at University of California, San Diego in 2001. While in San Diego, Kundan showed both on campus and with galleries including Social Club & Gallery and 838, and was selected for Regional Artists Show by the Art Institute, Balboa Park. After college she worked as mural restoration assistant in Paris under the tutelage of Bruno Poirier. Kundan made her Bay Area debut at Heart in 2011, where she was heralded as their most successful selling artist. She has continued to show throughout the West Coast with exhibitions in San Francisco, Pacifica and Los Angeles.

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