August 11, 2021 | More from: Exhibitions

ʻIN LIGHT OF THINGSʼ Front Window Installation at Madrone Art Bar. IN LIGHT OF THINGS is an installation about stepping suddenly into a bright clearing after traversing dark trails. A space exploring loss but rooted in joy, of re-emerging, created just as the 17 year Cicada Brood X woke up for itʼs orgiastic party. Itʼs a celebration, but holds close the unwinding of the past yearsʼ collective trauma. Itʼs encouragement to again seek comfort in communal hearths; to gather round our fires and re-establish the bonds of our communities beyond our pods and our quaranteams. In itʼs early stage, the color palette is simple and direct; offering an invitation to come out of hiding. As the installation settles in to being out in the world, expect lush additions to ʻbloomʼ from new connections and treasured pleasures freshly experienced after doing without.

ABOUT THE ARTIST Laura Stevenson is a multidisciplinary artist based in San Franciscoʼs Mission District. Her practice explores themes of the human emotional landscape as we struggle to understand our part in an uncertain environmental future. Her work is a material and process-forward study of human interdependence with, and responsibility to, ecological systems. Man-made materials with strong implicit meaning pair with natural elements to create installations which act as a space for personal consideration of these themes. She is known for her use of Neon signage tubing in her sculptural work. Her company, Rite Guy Design, produces her art-inflected Studio line of lighting, furniture, and interior spaces. @riteguydesign