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Leaf BulletAldo Naboa

Aldo Noboa is the lead guitar player for SnowBall, a local SF Punk/Metal band. Aldo occasionally performs with just voice and guitar to improve musical chops and to overcome paralyzing stage fright.

Leaf BulletAmyWhoa

Rising from the ashes of a relationship gone awry and a near death bicycle accident, Amy Woloszyn rechristened herself as AmyWhoa, and set her mind toward beat-making and dancefloor domination. Initially an outlet to escape a painful and emotional period, her beats soon became a personal infatuation; thirteen years of obsessive house, hip-hop, and drum & bass adulation, inspired her to conjure up the tangible motion that moves bodies and bombards senses. Initially premiering her beats amongst the crème de la crème of bay area beatsmiths at Phillip Drummond\'s Beat Battles, AmyWhoa has won over the respect of her peers, and devastated eager crowds. Now collaborating with Bay Area, LA and NYC producers on projects that find the hip-hop, disco, and electro worlds colliding, she is firm in her conviction to aurally seduce ears world-wide.

Leaf BulletBig Bend

This San Francisco based three piece, makes the unlikely marriage of off-kilter cinematic soundscapes and soulful, pop melodies. You could say these recent SF transplants are seasoned indie rockers. With Nick Pellicciotto on drums from Touch and Go`s New Wet Kojak, Sioban Dixon on vocals from Revelation Record`s Chinchilla and Martin Webb on guitar from Sheffield, England, they know how to tweak their instruments and make heartbreaking soundtracks perfect for a long drive through the desert. Our sound - according to the website: Sunday night, the long drive back to the city after the weekend camping in the redwoods when no-one`s talking, the old cassetes just ran out and the first college radio station starts crackling through.... which means to say we`re a little art-rock, a little indie, a little rootsy, sometimes tuneful, sometimes abstract, sometimes groovy.

Leaf BulletBlack Edgar`s Music Box

blends dub, abstract jazz, funk, spoken word and afro beat into a psychedelic melange executed by a being from another dimension, whose main purpose is to groove and enlighten the people of earth. Utilizing various saxophones, effects boxes and rhythm machines, Black Edgar (aka David Boyce, Broun Fellinis) creates a musical vibe that is organically ancient to the future.

Leaf Bulletblvd

brings live music into the dance clubs around San Francisco. It`s a natural progression to try incorporating more human elements into the contemporary dance music. They thrive off the energetic exchange that happens while people are dancing to the music. In a large sense the crowd dictates what their shows are like because, in the end, they are doing this for the audience.
They have played at Club 6, 1015 Folsom, MILK, Mighty, The Noodle Factory, 111 Minna along with some other underground night spots. Soon to be playing at Burning man!

Leaf BulletBroun Fellinis

The most important thing about music is the way it makes you feel. Musicians are lucky enough to live a life of pure feeling if they can play their personal visionary music with as much integrity and energy as the spirit grants them. For the last 13 years, the trio called BROUN FELLINIS has been doing exactly this, innovating and disseminating their "Brounsoun", a sonic Jamacican Dub, film music and African/ Indian trance sounds. The Fellinis play this NOW music with passion, precision and soul in energetic performances that embrace freedom and structure equall. OUt of nowhere, improvised themes and motifs morph into well crafted songs with evocative melodies, exotic harmonies and infectious rhythms.
It is a music of the moment reflecting the lives of three exceptional musicians living and creative in the Bay Area.

Leaf BulletCon Brio

Since forming in the Spring of 2009, Con Brio\'s powerful, soulful vocals and no-nonsense, deep-pocket rhythm section have lit up venues all over the bay area.

\"Xandra Corpora\'s vocals are stunning....The band, tight as a bungee cord, is a funky, acoustic, jazz/blues casserole. That\'s right-casserole. What\'s more, they kill it live.\"
-Bricks and Mortar Media

\"Con Brio writes songs from the hips\"
-DJ Mike Bond, Pirate Cat Radio 87.9FM

\"an exciting find\"
-Nicole Leigh, Deli Magazine SF

Leaf BulletDevine Latin Jazz Sextet

A latin jazz acoustic sextet, featuring the sounds and rhythms of Latin America: afro-cuban, bossanova, samba and salsa.
Sam Devine: upright bass
Nataliya Zaytseva: piano/vocals
Brandi Brandes: congas & percussion, vocals
Aaron Saul: sax/flute
Jessie Richards: percussion
James Caran: percussion, flute, vocals

Leaf BulletDevolver

The band Devolver hails from Oakland, CA. They dabble in guitars, effects-laden keyboards, and drums that follow odd time signatures with a punk rock edge. The singer cries over the top, and a sparse yet grand sound ensues.

Leaf BulletEightrack Mind

Eightrack Mind is a Live Hip Hop band that combines Hip Hop with Jazz, Acid Jazz & Rock. We take a very musical approach using a live band to perform songs that could be sung as easily as rapped. The`re very catchy. Eightrack Mind is a live hip-hop group that is rapidly gaining acclaim and has opened for The Wailers, Eek-A-Mouse, Tone-Loc, Heiruspecs, Digital Underground, Young MC, The Crown City Rockers, Wu-tang Clan, Hieroglyphics and Gift of Gab among others. Eightrack Mind formed in 2002 as an amalgam of five skilled musicians, a DJ, and two MC`s, with the intention of bringing musicality back to hip-hop. The history and chemistry between the musicians explains their phenomenal rate of success. One MC hails from Boston and has been deeply rooted in hip-hop culture for years. The other MC has been working with performing acts from Pittsburgh to the West coast. The drummer has been deeply immersed in jazz for years.The bass player has a relaxed approach that smoothly fills the pocket. The lead guitarist has been professionally gigging for fifteen years. The rhythm guitarist`s warm tone and melodic style blends richly with the band. The DJ has a Bachelor of Art degree in music with a percussion emphasis. The final member of the band lays down slick trumpet lines and cements the unique sound of Eightrack Mind.Eightrack Mind puts on a fresh, energizing and highly danceable live show. Their first album is currently being mixed by Headnodic of the Crown City Rockers and will be out soon.
MC Natural: Vocals
B`Nuggs: Vocals
Chris Murphy: Vocals, Guitar
August Rutkowski: Guitar
Tyson Granlie: Trumpet
Rob Murdock: Bass
Drew Fleming: Drums
DJ Bones: Turntables

Leaf BulletEntamoeba

Is a five-piece San Francisco based Ambiant band. The ethereal and
soulful female vocals, eerie guitar swoons, and loungy trumpet swells, combined
wtih live and electronic drums and upright bass, create a dark and mysterious
soundscape. Entamoeba is influnced by artists such as Portishead, Mum, Aphex
Twin, and Bjork. Entamoeba, formerly called "Frances8", has a current website
in construction, and will be available on line in upcoming weeks. For more
information, visit the former Frances8 website at
vocals, keyboards & guitar: nicole katler
guitar and keyboards: orlando cerecedes
drums: michael tornatore
upright & electric bass: reed malcolm
trumpet: aaron priskorn

Leaf BulletEttie Street Project

he members of Ettie Sreet Project have been steady figures in the Bay Area music scene for more than a decade. They come together to produce sounds that are deeply melodic with a subterranean intensity. Guitar, vocals, bass, drums, and electronic gadgets bring forth an organic groove, fueling the high energy live performance. The meeting of music and technology pushes this trio in new directions, yet they continue to bring it back to its raw live elements.

Leaf BulletEttie Street Project

The musical collaboration between guitarist Tom Lattanand and bassist Rob Gwin began with sonic experiments in an Oakland warehouse. Having their own venue to test new ideas and gadgets, Tom and Rob used live instruments with loopers and synths to improvise compositions in the moment. At first, these performances utilized electronic beats as a foundation of the groove, but it did not take long to incorporate a live drummer in Damon Hope to complete the group now known as the Ettie Street Project.

The music evolved from expansive layers of sound over loose forms to more tightly arranged compositions in this trio format. Drawing from a mix of influences that include Jazz, Bluesy Funk, Electronica, and Rock, the Ettie Street Project produces sounds that are deeply melodic with a subterranean intensity. Guitar, vocals, bass, drums, and electronic gadgets bring forth an organic groove, fueling the high energy live performance. The meeting of music and technology pushes this trio in new directions, yet they continue to bring it back to its raw live elements.

The members of Ettie Sreet Project have been steady figures in the Bay Area music scene for more than a decade. Tom Lattanand was a founding member of the Jazz/Fusion/Funk group Mood Food, while Rob Gwin was a founding member of the live electronic group Kooken and Hoomen. Damon Hope played drums for the Merl Saunders Rainforest band, then later joined Mood Food. Most recently these three musicians have individually worked with groups such as The May Fire, Aphrodesia, Edna Love Fat Tuesday Band, and Germart\'s \"Planet Booty.\"

Tom Lattanand - guitars, vocals, synths
Rob Gwin - bass, synths
Damon Hope - drums

Leaf BulletFranco Nero

Franco Nero is a six-person instrumental ska band based in San Francisco. They\'ve opened up for Jamaican legends such as The Skatalites and thrilled crowds at venues including Make Out Room, The Knockout, Rockit Room and others. The band features Scott Larson – trombone / arranger / composer, Jay Sanders – trumpet / keys, Nick Rous- tenor sax, Joe Cohen - alto sax John Finkbeiner – guitar, Lisa Mezzacappa – bass, John Hanes – drums / vocals. Read more:

Leaf BulletFriendship First

Oakland based band Friendship First incorporate melodic engaging instrumental pieces, spanning Americana & Jazz

Leaf BulletGrow Up

Grow Up is a sophisticated night of disco, boogie, italo, and other assorted dance musics as performed by the DJs Sick Face, Hotthobo, and Fenstar. After being fed up with the sleazy side of popular dance nights in San Francisco, promoters Sick Face and Hotthobo (formerly of WORK and Pillow Talk) combined forces and interests to create Grow Up, a night that highlighted their favorite tunes, producers and DJs with the focus being specifically on those elements.

Leaf BulletIlly Bogart

lly Bogart is a trio project that performs hip-hop inspired instrumental music utilizing innovative multi-handed/footed musical multi-tasking techniques. One drummer/percussionist/sampler layin\' beats, one saxophonist/bassist simultaneously holding down the bass line and improvising fresh modern sax solos, and one guitarist furnishing it all with funky jazz harmony – a three man octopus that\'s gonna have you dancing!

Tony Peebles - Sax and Bass Pedals
Q Morrow – Guitar
Brandon Etzler – Drums

Leaf BulletJonas Reinhardt

Grow Up 1 Year Anniversary

Jonas Reinhardt DJs:
San Francisco band Jonas Reinhardt prize the analog sounds, organic atmospheres, and the hypnotic rhythms of \'70s kraut and synth pioneers (like Tangerine Dream, Ash Ra Tempel, etc.) as cornerstones for their output. The band — led by Jesse Reiner, with Phil Manley, Diego Gonzalez, and Damon Palermo, has made the full leap from appreciative re-creation to composing their own stamp on compelling, synth-heavy atmospherics, and driving motorik beats. As DJs, all influences are injected into the soundsystem: any funky and rare slice of electro, disco, kraut, hip-hop, or club classic to occur in the last half century known to set off the shindig becomes fair game.

Leaf BulletKitten on the Keys

Suzanne Ramsey tickles the ivories and croons decadent songs of yesteryear.
Unearthed Tin Pan Alley Treasures with a twist.

Leaf BulletKosmic Renaissance

Is an electronic/world/jazz/hiphop trio project comprised of three outstanding artists each in their own right. David Boyce (brounfellinis) - sax,fx,microkorg; Shingo Annen (Freelancers United) - faderboard, ARP Odyssey; Sameer Gupta (The Supplicants)- drumset, tabla. Kosmic Renaissance delves deep into instrumental music, and creates rich moods, through the electronic world of loops, efx, and digital texture, while holding the organic pulse of hip-hop and jazz in its hands.

Leaf BulletLoe and the Nastys

Loe & the Nastys\' original music fuses the improvisation of jazz, the structure of popular music, and group interplay. They draw their influence from Roy Hargrove, Thelonious Monk, Gretchen Parlato, and Antonio Carlos Jobim.

Featured on and Yahoo!News as soundtracks for Grammy artist Phil Hanson, the group was also named Editor\'s Pick on

\"Loe and the Nastys deal in music that isn\'t popular with young folks anymore; equal parts jazz, Jobim-influenced Latin music, and even a little Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks, this quartet has a smokey sound that evokes a feeling as cool as the other side of the bed.\"

- 2008, Vintage Guitar Magazine

Leaf BulletLoop!station

Has recently emerged from the studio with a pocketful of

Leaf BulletMarky

Quiet as kept, San Francisco’s PROOF aka Marky is one of the West Coast’s elite, throwing game-changing events with his Massive Selector brethren and spinning all over the place with the hottest selections. Heavily influenced by classic funk, deep soul, hip-hop, and house, Marky’s sound definitely caters to the dancefloor. His mix CD’s, known for their global flavor and crossing genres seamlessly, have created quite a buzz with music lovers.

Leaf BulletMayaeni

Mayaeni is a seasoned live performer whose poise and confidence are at odds with her youth.
While establishing herself in a music world of hype and excess, she wants to keep things simple: \"I\'m interested in making music that people can relate to and that is real\". And real is just what Mayaeni is. Her skilled blending of the old school with the new has brought great things for her in 2010. Mayaeni started the year being extensively featured in the Target/Converse ‘One Star’ Ad-Campaign and her first single ‘The Right Way’ has been a staple at radio throughout the spring reaching the No. 7 on the AC chart. More information can be found at

Leaf BulletMia Doi Todd

I signed a contract with Sony/Columbia, home to some of my idols (or at least their masters), and we recorded "The Golden State," culling songs from my previous albums. Mitchell Froom and Yves Beauvais helped me produce it. We recorded at the Sunset Sound Factory, a beautiful old studio, all analog. Many people played on it, including my friends K raig Grady and the guitar-virtuoso Nels Cline. "The Golden State " came out in the fall of 2002 and was generally well received, though one writer did call me "jaw-droppingly pretentious". For a year, I toured the US and Europe , on my own and then with Alaska ! and Lou Barlow`s Folk Implosion. Alas, Sony chose not to renew my contract. But it was time to write songs again. I looked inside myself, drank lots of water. Out came the buds; some turned to flowers.

Leaf BulletMochipet

Any artist bizarre enough to name his act after the Japanese term for "rice cake" is bound to make some pretty strange music, and he does. Mochipet has been making mischievous music since his mom bought him a stiletto guitar at the age of 15. After years of being in punk-disco-classical-blackmetal bands, Mochipet is his newest avatar. Released on Germany`s bpitchcontrol (Ellen Allien), US Tigerbeat6 (Kid606), and his own label Btrendy, Mochipet`s music has been described " potent as licking a page of micro-dots, bring on the hallucinations...." Setting luscious acoustic samples to a framework of inverted, complex beats, Mochipet creates soundscapes of frenetic sliced`n`diced breaks that are at once soothing and unsettling. Mostly unsettling. Think Squarepusher dueling banjos with Venetian Snares. Adding a healthy dose of the absurd, Mochipet`s remixes take you on bizarre flights of Zappa-esque logic and arbitrary word association. Tracks such as Neil Diamond vs. King Diamond vs. the Lion King have met with mixed reactions; some listeners have paid to commission new remixes, while others have offered larger sums to make him stop.
Birthplace: Taipei Taiwan
Hair: Black and Stiff
Eyes: Slanted
Residence: Middle Earth
Favorite food: Haw Flakes, Botan Rice Candy
Favorite music: Anything not electronic.
Favorite books: The 3D ones with the pop ups.
Favorite TV show: The free ones hacked through DSS.
Favorite movie: Hands on a Hardbody.

Leaf BulletMoped

Fearing that the tagline "live electronica" has become a catch-all for any knob-twiddler attempting to incorporate an actual synthesizer into his or her set, Mission District multimedia trio Moped prefer to call a spade a spade. In this case (real-) live instrumentation and laptop-generated soundscapes compliment the oddball visuals of video wizard Cripes!in , creating an AV feast to shake your booty to. Blending hip-hop, Progression Sessions-minded Jazz`n`Bass, and the improvisatory spirit of --dare I say-- a jam band (think Soundtribe Sector 9), Moped`s electicism plays to the genre-hopping music lover in us all.

Leaf BulletPanthelion

Featuring Endika Currier on stand-up bass, Laxman Drivas on percussion, Jeff Bordes on trumpet, and David Knight on tenor saxophone, Panthelion is one of the most innovative new jazz-fusion groups in the past twenty years.

Panthelion is the innovative force behind the new musical genre known as \"Nu Class\" Nu class stands for Neo Urban Classical Music Nu Class takes the sophistication of the concert hall and seamlessly blends it with the raw hip shaking grooves from off of the streets. Stylistically nu class draws on elements of jazz, classical, tribal, urban-groove, hardcore and electronica. Panthelion\'s current instrument lineup includes piano, upright bass, cello, trumpet, percussion, voice, electric guitar, loopers and live electronics.

Leaf BulletPlanet Loop

Live electronic Global Jazz for the new world

With just two musicians wielding a full-band sized arsenal of acoustic drums, electric bass, pedals, pads and samples, PLANET LOOP is a unique trip not to be missed. Hailing from Berkeley, CA by way of Boston, MA, the duo forges their unique brand of “live electronic global jazz,” combining wild improvisation with the deep rhythms of worldbeat, Latin, funk, and trance music.

“Part of the hypnotic nature of our songs comes from the loops we create and the influences we draw from,” notes bassist Michael Schaller. “But, we are a live band with jazz roots, committed to creating all of our sounds in the moment, on the stage.”

Leaf BulletSang Matiz

A band from the San Francisco Bay Area that honors the gorgeous sounds of Flamenco and Latin America. The band has fused many elements of the traditional rumba Flamenca along with South American rhythms and even Jazz, Bossa Nova, and Reggae to present a fresh new sound. \"Sang Matiz\" means \"Blood Mix\" which represents the different bloodlines of its musicians as well as their experiences in life and most importantly, music.
Above all \"Sang Matiz\" is a cultural expression, an exciting new sound full of passion, energy, love and wild creativity that is making everybody dance wherever they go! Welcome to the world of Sang Matiz!\"

Leaf BulletSpacelord

Is intended to provide a medical service to the audience. Music as medicine. Sound Therapy presented in an experimental "chakra-rock" delivery system. It is supposed that the efficacy of these monochromatic swirling walls of sound is decided by each audience members receptiveness to such therapy. At every performance at least one of the players has been approached by a stranger saying that they felt some healing occur. Influences range from Hawkwind to Spectrum, but 9 out of 10 doctors prefer SpaceLord.

Leaf BulletThe Addict Merchants

Hailing from Sacramento, California, the Addict Merchants are a live band that
embodies the American Jazz Era harmonized with the present hustle of Hip-Hop
culture. The live band, consisting of seven musical architects, not only hope
to influence the world of their sound, but to encourage the notion of
fundamental change into society.Due to the individual talents of each band member, The Merchant Collective seem to create the digestible complexity of integrating Hip-Hop and Jazz together quite effortlessly for the past five years. The Merchants have performed with
groups such as Bahamdia, The Pharcyde, Souls of Mischief, Afrika Bambaataa, Aceyalone, Planet Asia, Zion I, Jeru Da Damaja, Defari, Filibuster and many others ranging from Hip-Hop to Punk/Ska.
Quincy Frazier - Drums, Nino Machado - Bass, E.J. - Keys, Chris Wind - Guitar, Freez - Emcee, Illafied - Emcee, Dot Com - Emcee

Leaf BulletThe Bastard Brothers

Born of the same mother and three different fathers, The Bastard Brothers play music with roots as diverse as their bloodlines. Utilizing guitar, mandolin, resonator guitar and dynamic three-part harmony, they painstakingly create original music and bastardized versions of folk, rock, country, bluegrass... and some Cuban music. Playing everything from dulcet country ballads to bluegrass versions of Frank Zappa, The Bastard Brothers delight audiences of all ages with their high energy, musicality and engaging humor.

Leaf BulletThe Nervous Breakdowns

are a San Francisco-based quartet who frequently perform on the street, until the cops come and tell them to stop. more info:

Leaf BulletThe Polish Ambassador

With one foot in Berkeley, CA and one foot in Outerspace, David Sugalski churns out electric beats, blips and blops that make that ass move. Under the guise of The Polish Ambassador, Sugalski released \'Diplomatic Immunity\' in early 2007, \'The Phantasmal Farm\' in late 2007, and \"I Found Him. Now I Must Kill Him\" in late 2008.

Claiming to be Poland\'s ambassador to The Universe, Sugalski weaves together a collage of 80\'s dance music, video game anthems, and dreamy synthscapes to create miniature musical stories. His chosen weapons include but are not limited to synthesizers and a pure spirit.

Leaf BulletThe Saint Jude Memorial Dance Band

Also featuring The Saint Jude Memorial Go-Go Squad!!!!!!!
Come on dancing with the amazing Go-Go Squad members to this bizarre but danceable blend of ....Fela Kuti meets Ornette Coleman`s Prime Time?.... King Tubby meets Miles Davis?....Square Pusher meets the Roots? Whatever it is, have a couple martinis and get your groove on! The concept behind St. Jude`s is as simple as it sounds, to keep people dancing. I think a great deal of dance music in this age has become thoroughly de-humanized, and I think too many live musicians refuse to think of their art as a potential for service, the fulfilling of a necessary functional role in the community. I definetly see the importance of "absolute music", or music that`s designed simply to be listened to, and to even challenge the listener, but there`s something important also in the full communion of folks in rhythmic motion. We`ve taken inspiration from the likes of King Tubby, Squarepusher, Fela Kuti, James Brown, Miles Davis, Ornette Coleman, and others. Saint Jude was the patron saint of "hopeless causes", which is what we all need to be in this age. Some hopeless causes worth striving for : 1) peace, 2) a psudo free-jazz dance band getting work, 3) getting straight white people to move hip joints on the dance floor, 4) getting straight, gay, European, African, Indian, American, Asian, anarchist, republican, communist, democrat, green, catholic, protestant, jewish, muslim, hindu, and everyone else I`ve missed all grooving and being human together on the dance floor.
Darren Johnston - trumpet
Joe Cohen - alto\tenor sax
Evan Francis - alto\tenor sax
Marcus Stevens - bari sax
DJ Aspect - turntables
Adam Thies - bass/trombone
Daniel Berkman - percussion\electronics
Tim Bulkley - drums

Leaf BulletThe Supplicants

David Boyce-tenor/soprano saxophones, Bass Clarinet. David is a Bay Area celebrity, an internationally known postmodern jazz artist. An a original founding member of San Francisco jazz pioneers "Broun Fellinis". David cites Bennie Maupin, Yusef Lateef, John Coltrane, Wayne Shorter, Eric Dolphy, Herbie Hancock, Sun Ra, Sam Rivers, and Alice Coltrane...
Richard Howell-tenor/saxophones, talking drum. Richard`s Professional experience covers the entire spectrum of the music business. As a saxophonist, Richard Howell`s spirited ablilities have been mingled with the talents of Etta James, Don Cherry, Buddy Guy, and Cecil Taylor.
David Ewell-Acoustic Bass. David was born and raised in the Bay Area, graduated from UC Berkeley in

Leaf BulletThe Tin Cup Serenade

Hopeful Songs of Tragedy, Tragic Songs of Hope... Nestled between the idioms of old time jazz, blues, and western swing, the Tin Cup Serenade croon, thump, and blow a sound that is loose, free, and fun to dance to.
Rolf Wilkinson - Guitar, Vocals
Safa Shokrai - Bass
Nick Rouse - Tenor Saxophone
Ara Anderson - Trumpet

Leaf BulletThe Yard Dogs

In the Fall of 2003 Tobias The Mystic Man and Eddy Joe Cotton (members of The Yard Dogs Road Show) spent three magical and rather treacherous weeks traveling and performing with The World of Wonders.
The little love that remains for this carnival lifestyle is harbored by the forlorn tramp/artist - the vagabonding minstrel or story teller. These are the types of folks that make up The Yard Dogs Road Show. Together we create a wicked and mobile gallery - a creative outlet for the tramp artist. We provide a stage on which to perform, a banner on which to paint and a song in which to speak ones heart and mind. All in the tight package of a hobo jug band and vaudeville sideshow.
Tramp artist is defined as . - One who - no matter their low luck condition - will use whatever materials and tools at hand, to produce his or her art.
Surviving as an artist in America today depends heavily on ones ability to hustle DOUBLE TIME -to slave from town to town, eating crumbs, passing the hat, doing whatever it takes to conjure up enough gas money to get to the next show. And, most importantly, to facilitate ones true calling in life. Therefore a tramp artist must swallow a sword or eat fire as efficiently as he can paint a banner or write a poem.

Leaf BulletTransmission

combines beats and hooks with the imrpovisation and freedom of the free jazz movement to create music that is unique and vital.

Leaf BulletTres Lingerie

Originally a bi-coastal production and DJ duo fostered over the internet between NYC and SF natives Johan Churchill (French house music enthusiast) and Jordan Presnick (former punk rocker), Tres Lingerie recently reunited in the east bay. Jordan and Johan both attended Sarah Lawrence college where they participated in all the offerings of a fine liberal arts education which included access to a well stocked electronic music studio. Like teenagers raiding their parents liquor cabinet, Jordan and Johan became intoxicated with digital and analog synthesis and raided the infinite cool sounds from a plethora of vintage and new high end gear. Now, in their own studio (Unrbanoculars) in Berkeley, the boys are busy tapping into those funky, fresh, old, and timeless disco and soul sounds pioneered during the late 70\'s and 80\'s.

Leaf BulletTriple Cobra

Remember when Rock n`Roll kicked ass? Triple Cobra does. No longer do you need to apologize for gaudy solos, karate kicks and stage splits. Audacity is the name of the game, and bravado knows no shame. The hottest new band in San Francisco sends epic melodies soaring over sumptuous riffs, relinquishing the mediocrity of life to the majesty of rock. This triumph of sound is matched only by the grandeur of performance. Dancers adorned in furs, feathers and fish nets join a video and light show overflowing with intrigue and innuendo. This sensual mix of drama and power, lust and longing, scorn and wit all unite to create a performance erupting with radiant glamour and raw spectacle. Lock you doors and hide your daughters. Triple Cobra is on the rise in the Year of the Cock.

Leaf BulletTussle

Sprung from San Francisco`s active underground Mission district scene, Tussle have been causing a stir for some time now with their unique combination of dance rhythms, elastic basslines, metallic textures, and electronic experimentation. Referencing-dub, disco, post-punk, German electronic music, early NYC schoolyard jams - even minimal techno - their sound lays the cacophony of the urban terrain overtop stripped down, propulsive rhythms to mesmerizing ends.

Leaf BulletU9lift

(aka Ben maybe) Beats ranging from crunchy to funky this midtempo journey incorporates elements of trip-hop, dancehall, breaks and soul.

Leaf BulletWalter Earl

Earl began his career in Dallas, Texas, where he studied with some of the best jazz musicians around such as Ken Boome, Kenny Kirkland, Si Perkoff, Mark Little and Claude Johnson.

Earl played with the legendary Herbie Lewis. Lewis, who often featured the Walter Earl Quintet, had also played with renowned musicians like McCoy Tyner, Lee Morgan and Joe Chambers.

His sound is, \"Bay Area Cool,\" a seamless blend of jazz, hip hop and retro soul.

Leaf Bulletwhirr

is a 4-piece band from San Francisco that fuses improvised grooves spanning house, drum `n` bass, funk, and down tempo. Their rhythms - produced by drum kit, bass and samples - are high energy and appeal to dance crowds. They are complimented by guitar, keyboard and loops.
Verbal commands are given to the players through headphones, providing direction and purpose for their group improvisations. whirr also has a lighting artist who improvises with intelligent lights, projectors and effects, adding a unique visual dimension to the show.
whirr is Peter D`Elia (Electric and Midi Guitars, Loops), Tom Gears (Electric and Midi Bass), Brian Schwartz (Acoustic and Electronic Drums), and Reid Spice (Laptop, Keyboards, Conducting).

Leaf BulletWil Blades

Wil Blades, a native Chicagoan, has become the San Francisco Bay Area’s first call organist and is rapidly gaining momentum throughout the world. For the last three years, he has been named in the Downbeat critics poll under “Rising Star” for organ. Blades has kept the traditional sounds of Jimmy Smith, Larry Young, and “Groove” Holmes alive, while creating a more personal, modern sound. He has performed and recorded with John Lee Hooker, Dr. Lonnie Smith, Melvin Sparks, Idris Muhammad, Joe Louis Walker, Don Braden, Donald Harrison, Karl Denson, Will Bernard, Charlie Hunter, Stanton Moore, Betty Joplin, Eddie Marshall, Herbie Lewis, and many others.

Leaf BulletWooster

\"One of Santa Cruz\' liveliest local acts, Wooster has become a crowd favorite in a relatively short period of time. The band kicks on a winning amalgam of blues, soul and reggae anchored by grooves played by crack players who know their way around some elastic funk. The band\'s secret weapon is vocalist Caroline Kuspa, whose singing chops and emotive power are undeniable. With the band gearing up for the impending release of its eagerly awaited full-length The Heights of Things, expect to hear a lot about Wooster in the months and years to come.\" - Paul Davis (Santa Cruz Weekly)

Leaf BulletYung Mars Project

Infectious hooks. Insightful rhymes. A refreshing take on Hip-Hop. Blending classic soul, modern beats, and futuristic funk, Yung Mars has created and refined a sound that is truly original. His music has more head and more heart than your average radio rap. It speaks to people. It’s like getting an inside look into the young lyricist’s journal—spinning with raw social commentary, and self-awareness that feels remarkably honest.
Backed by an all-star team of local musicians, his live shows are dripping with soul and always energetic. With a penchant for clever word play and thick harmonized choruses, Mars’ songs are catchy without being cliché.

Leaf BulletZonk

Is a local trip-hop foursome. Sex-dripping vocals lend a sultry air to the band`s quirky, beat-driven blend of turntable, laptop, live guitar, bass and harmonica, yes, harmonica.

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Leaf BulletAmber Brookman

Painter and Installation Artist in San Francisco. "The intent in my artwork is to share a visual account of my personal explorations of consciousness and our implicit relationship in the creation of the world around us."

Leaf BulletAmber Stucke

Creates paintings that interpret a portrait of a person represented by a part of the human anatomy, or organic biology of an organism in nature. Amber`s interpretation of a person works on a conscious and subconscious level striving to explain the physical human existence without the body.

Leaf BulletBrendan Monroe

is a Los Angeles artist who`s work illustrates an unseen life from nature around us. He works with acrylic, screen printing, wood and plastic sculpture. He likes the hot smoggy days of summer.

Leaf BulletChristopher Cardinale

Spent most of his young life in San Diego, being tortured by the sun and developing a healthy disdain for surfboards and Solarcain. He now resides in San Francisco where after completing his Graduate education at the San Francisco Art Institute, he wanders the streets making photographs and collecting bits of rubbish. The works exhibiting at the Madrone Lounge, entitled "Reflection", are large scale portraits that, through scale and style, deny the viewer a relationship with the subject, leaving nothing to respond to but oneself.

Leaf BulletDan Dion

Dan Dion is the world\'s premier portrait photographer of comedians. He has exhibited in solo shows in New York, Hollywood, Montreal, Edinburgh, Vancouver, Sydney, and San Francisco, and is the house photographer of the legendary Fillmore Auditorium. His photos have been published in Rolling Stone, Playboy, Time, Spin, Entertainment Weekly, People, Vibe, and more than one hundred other publications.

Leaf BulletDanielle Graham

A Northern California native, Danielle Graham was raised by artist parents and has been involved in some facet of the arts since she was five. Her attention turned to photography seven years ago and she has been offering viewers a glimpse into her surreal and dreamlike vision of the world ever since. Her concept-driven imagery attempts to grasp that which is intangible- the subconscious world that lies beyond language as we know it. She sees in photography the potential to communicate a visual expression that probes the psyche and explores the landscape of the mind. Danielle`s hand-manipulated images utilize many alternative processes, including acrylic lifts, Polaroid & emulsion transfers, litho, and her trademark multi-layered transparencies. She continues to exhibit her artwork in solo and group shows and has worked in advertising with various stock companies.

Leaf BulletDavid Otis Johnson

David O. Johnson
Chair I

David O. Johnson is an artist that works primarily with neon light. Often preferring a minimal approach to sculpture, in Chair I Johnson has enthusiastically expanded on some of the aspects that are more subtly conveyed in his previous work.

\"When the neon\'s on the beast comes out in man.\" - David O. Johnson

You can see more of Johnson\'s work at or Google \"David O. Johnson\"

Leaf BulletDavid Richard

Is a native Bostonian who moved to San Francisco after graduating from
The Art Institute of Boston with a Design Degree in 1

Leaf BulletDennis Mcnulty

Dennis McNulty is an artist working mostly with paintings and drawings exhibited within
installations of personalized investigations. His work is often grounded in an
autobiographical response to what is happening within the urban experience in relation
and/or contrast to his Southern upbringing. The content is full of cultural distinctiveness,
recording faces that he specifies, conversations that he may revisit, and haunted voices of
the rural South. His most recent body of medium scale paintings and vinyl/paint/paper
drawings highlight San Francisco building silhouettes, the typical power line skyline and
crows. He is represented by Mark Wolf Conteporary Art in San Francisco

Leaf BulletDino Alberto

Is a character designer who recently relocated to the Bay area from New
York City. His work combines cute, iconic characters with over-simplified
backgrounds to create quirky portraits and bizarre snapshots of obscure
narratives. He relies on simple and playful designs to approach questionable
subject matter with a directness and whimsy often reserved for cartoons and

Leaf BulletEmily Miller

"I grew up in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by trees, bugs, and rivers. In the summer, it was an arsonist`s dream; miles and miles of golden dry grass just waiting for a spark. In spring, it was lush and green and vivid; the poison oak a thick tangle around the house. I was a wild child who grew up shy, more comfortable looking than touching. My mother gave me her dead
father`s camera when I was thirteen years old, and I fell instantly and irrevocably in love. The camera provided me with a secret vocabulary and private memory. It has compelled me to greater exploration, of things both near and far." "I travel in order to lose myself, and in the losing, I always remember. There are quiet moments when the true face of things emerges, when change becomes illumination, and we are transformed. I want to capture the
contradictions of truth, including: the memory of where we were, the memory of where we were not, and the memory of where we might be. Do we form ourspace and our dreams, or do they form us?"

Leaf BulletFelix Macnee

"I first learned how to paint from my grandfather, John, who was a painter and taught art history at the University of Illinois, in Chicago. When I was very young, I would sit behind him and watch him paint. We would often draw together, in the same notebook, responding to each other`s imagery. After he died, I spent a lot of time going to museums, looking at paintings, studying how they had been made, brushstroke by brushstroke. I would move the painting back and forth in time, going over those steps that were miraculous and seemed somehow to touch on a different world."

Leaf BulletFreda Banks

A photographer and filmmaker. Her work has been described as evocative and mood enhancing. She often photographs through dyed water, sheer fabrics, and vasoline. She brings to her process a love of beauty and color.

Leaf BulletGordon Stettinus

University of Virginia, B.A. Studio Art / B.A. History, 1988
Freelance Photographer, 1991 - present
Artist Board Member, 1708 Gallery, Richmond, Va., 2000 - present
Instructor, Changing Face of Jackson Ward, Grant Project, 2002 - 2003
Pinhole Workshop, Richmond Montessori School, 2002
Publisher, Eye Caramba magazine, 1998 - 2001
Photography Instructor, The Studio, University of Minnesota, Mpls.,1997 - 1999
Workshop Instructor, Vision Quest Workshops, St. Paul, Minnesota, 1998
Editor / Photo Researcher, Swanstock Inc. Tucson, Arizona, 1991 - 1994
Coordinator, Society of Photographic Educators, National Conference, 1992
"generally speaking it seems we spend the majority of our time, er..., speaking generally. what else to say. my work, then, is a diary of sorts, though somewhat bent towards effect. and beauty. and the unusual. the people in my photographs are my friends and family. mostly. and the rest, as they say, is mystery. however my reason for making these photographs and otherwise, is to raise questions about religion and magic and sex and transformation. this listing is not meant to be exclusive of other burning ideas nor is it in any particular order. sometimes, there is a punchline. sometimes, not. and then there is, of course, usually a breakdown between my intentions and my inventions but the images remain as byproduct despite my interference." more simply, i believe that bad hair is an issue of deeper significance than is generally believed and i am a lover of strange dreams and other conspicuous treats but finally, i generally resist the temptation to attempt to make my own beliefs understood because one lost soul is enough to have on my conscience should i be convincing and dreadfully wrong besides."

Leaf BulletHenry Lewis

is a San Francisco based painter and visual artist. Originally from Los Angeles, Henry has been developing his artistic identity and technique in the San Francisco Bay Area for the past three years. A self-taught painter, Henry draws upon a wide range of artistic influences and cultural traditions to address the human condition, a theme that pervades many of his works. A realism reminiscent of baroque painters such as Peter Paul Rubens and the art-deco painter Tamara de Lempicka underlies his aesthetic. He often combines the symbolism of traditional tattoo art pioneered by tattoo artists like Ed Hardy with the design simplicity of Japanese wood block printers of the Edo period such as Kuniyoshi. Most recently, he has exhibited his work alongside respected Bay Area artists Mike Davis, Paul Ulrich and Chris Duncan. Henry currently works as a tattoo artist at Everlasting Tattoo.

Leaf BulletJasko Begovic

Born in 1980 in Bosnia,former Yugoslavia, Jasko creates art that is at once both probing and poignant, and although his pieces are conspicuously filled with anguish,they are also about alacrity and elation. His art breathes into his memories and has no rules or borders.

Leaf BulletJillian Guarco

Is a multimedia artist working with anything from iron on t-shirts to
experimenting with paints and photographs. Her work has become a direct
reflection of subtle everyday instances that we sometimes do not see in ourselves

Leaf BulletKimberly Verde

Is a phographer and mixed media artist living in San Francisco. Her works have a dreamy and
sensual quality that is inspired by juxtoposing the naivete of perception against the actuality of
experience. She feels art lies more in the passion to create than in the artwork itself.

Leaf BulletLarry Schorr

Photographer Larry Schorr:

Madrone Art Bar, San Francisco is pleased to introduce to San Francisco and announce the first ever local showing of Photographer Larry Schorr. Larry began taking photos in the midst of heaving masses of intoxicated humanity at rock concerts in 1969 and continued on until the early 80\\\'s. Until a time when artists and promoters started preventing people from bringing cameras into venues without a photo pass. Which he never had. At that point he continued going to shows but left the camera behind. He printed his photos at the San Francisco Rec Department rental darkrooms, but did nothing with them besides amusing himself and his friends.

Fast forward a few decades later, Larry decided to pull out his negatives and found details that he never knew existed. In these photo’s there is a certain consistency of vision and composition that runs throughout his images. The photo’s stand on their own as being well-composed and having an emotive quality, even to those viewers who are unfamiliar with the musical artists pictured.

In this show, all the images represented are from local music venues that no longer exist. Music venues like The Mabuhey Gardens, The Boarding House, Winterland, The Old Waldorf, Temple Beautiful and others. Some of the artists represented are The Tubes Blondie. Elvis Costello, Devo, The Dead Kennedys Eddie and the Hot Rods, The Motors The Ramones, Patti Smith, Buzzcocks Sex Pistols, The Talking Heads & others. This show represents an era of San Francisco musical history that is worthy of exploration.

Leaf BulletMichael Page

Born in 1979, grew up in Southern California is now a San Francisco based
painter. He is self-taught and has been painting for the past two years. His
paintings are his imagination and his interpretation of beauty
and darkness.

Leaf BulletMisha Vladimirskiy

Born: USSR (near the Carpathian Mountains)
This body of work originated in a desire to explore ways that I could participate directly in the subject of the photograph while maintaining control of the lens. Various techniques to achieve this have been used in the past, including trip cords and timers. But by inserting a two-dimensional likeness of myself into the scene I was suddenly faced with a whole new range of ideas beyond mere participation. Because the cut-out serves as the obvious focal point, it is difficult to define the subject of each image. The uncanniness of the self-portrait cut-out interacting with intimate family and friends reveals how potentially invasive and transformative photography can be. In these pictures the elephant in the room is not the cut-out but the person behind the camera

Leaf BulletPeter Gronquist

Peter Gronquist was born in Portland, Oregon in 1979. Growing up in a creative family, he began drawing and painting at a very early age. This led to obsessive art making throughout his childhood that continues today. After high school, Peter attended the School of Visual Arts for two years, and then finished his BFA at the San Francisco Art Institute in 2001. Peter currently resides in Oakland California (EAST BAY!) and tries to paint every day.

Gold Plated Chanel Rocket Launcher at the LA Bruno premiere.

For more info go to, or google: Peter Gronquist

Leaf BulletRob Racine

Layers his paintings in an expressive and abstract style. Bringing out forms as they appear, or as he wishes them to be composed. He likes to paint freely and allow for the unexpected.
"Painting gives me the opportunity to express my sense of rhythm, balance, and energy," he says. "I hope the viewer, while bringing their own energies to the work, will also be able to absorb the intensity of the moment in which the piece was created." Rob uses a mixture of acrylic, oil and latex paints, on a variety of surfaces such as denim, glass, scavenged windows and doors. Several of his paintings are even stretched on rebuilt wooden bed frames. The work is often a study in contrasts. Smooth, perfect lines stand out against thrown and dripped splotches. Perfectly sheened oils border grotesquely cracked house paints. The compositions display an intentional depth of texture and emotion."I find a lot of inspiration in this sort of interaction," Racine says. "The different layering approaches give the piece a depth that can be felt and interpreted in a variety of ways."

Leaf BulletRoman Padilla

is a self-taught artist / curator who is largely influenced by nature and the environment around him. His paintings are done on wood surfaces allowing him to use fire, concrete, resin and metal. He is interested in the elements of time and growth and looks toward old roads, cement buildings, rust and stone for aesthetic influences. "I attempt to make the work appear to be old, yet still glorious, my struggle is to evoke a sense of age and destruction in the wok but yet alive, fresh and beautiful. I want the work sing in the midst of oppression to me this is the most beautiful image of the human soul."

Leaf BulletRyan Donegan

Is a Los Angeles based artist.

Leaf BulletSara Press

Is a photographer, printmaker, and book artist who has recently moved to San Francisco from NYC. She photographs human beings in their various incarnations on the physical and psychospiritual planes, both professionally and out of artistic compulsion. She is currently finishing up a series of etchings, drawings, and an artist`s book about the art
and history of breeding champion pit bulls.

Leaf BulletSharon Wickham

Photographs her findings, an emotional dialogue with poetic leanings.........................

Leaf BulletShawn Gurczak

Is a graduate of the Art Institute of Boston BFA in 2003 in illustration with a
concentration in animation and graphic art. Shawn

Leaf BulletShawna Petterson

Shawna Petterson

Shawna Peterson has been bending neon tubing since 1987. She began her neon career with fabrication, pattern-making, and design work. This eventually led to an apprenticeship with the neon tube-bender, R.J. Wells.

While working for a nationwide sign company, she worked extensively in the commercial neon field, producing signs for companies like The Gap, Safeway, Starbucks, Payless Shoe Source, Miller Brewing, and Hollywood Video.

Shawna has also done neon work for numerous other Bay Area projects, like the Yahoo! sign, the San Francisco Symphony\\\'s Black and White Ball, Citizen Cake, Luna Park, The Last Supper Club, Andalu, Frisson, and Bongsu to name a few.

Currently, Shawna still bends commercial neon projects, but she also creates neon art both independently and for other artists. She designs and produces her own neon sculpture and furniture. She is interested in using old signage in her artwork, transforming found metal cabinets and plastic faces into new, original pieces. Shawna bends new neon to work with her sculptures that incorporate the old sign fragments. In addition, she enjoys working with artists to create the neon they envision for their own art. Artists that she has worked with include Sarkis at the San Francisco Art Institute, Bill Kane, Mike Krouse, Jan Zivic, SFMOMA, and others.


is a collaborative group made up of Shea Little, Joseph Phillips, and Jana Swec. Since 2002, they have been exploring how to function as a collective; sharing control, dividing decisions and trusting each others intuitions.

Leaf BulletSummer-Jane Bell

Is a sculptor that explores the sensuous dreams of love, lust, bondage and possession, drawing from myth, symbolism and proverbs using mixed media.

Leaf BulletVictor Reyes

The Artwork of Victor Reyes took root and grew out of Southern California Street Culture and Graffiti Art. Now residing in San Francisco. Reyes has parlayed his Aesthetic ideals and work ethic into printmaking, fine art paintings, illustration, commercial design and mural work. All while striving to remain unique and diverse.

This indoor mural is a site-specific installation for the Madrone Art Bar, based on the great American pass time drinking. The title 8 days a week refers to how the artist spends his time making work and indulging in an occasional drink.

Victor and I met in 2000 at Bruno\'s. We were both there working in the bar. At the time he was making all his art in the street and had little interest in making fine art or a career in art, since those days his work has taken him around the world and he has taken a career in art.

For more info go to, or google: Victor Reyes

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Leaf BulletB. Bravo

San Francisco\'s B.Bravo (Adam Mori) brings a touch of love to every dirty synth groove he gets his hands on. He ended up at outerspace hip hop beatmaking after years spent paying his dues behind the decks, digging records and freakin the MPC. For evidence, check his Analog Starship & Computa Love EPs on Frite Nite, or catch him playing saxophone in his band Bayonics. Freshly back from Red Bull Music Academy 2010 in London, expect to hear some future/classic soul and dirty 80\'s dancefloor funk.

Leaf BulletChungtech

Not an enterprise seeking global domination, So-Cal born and Oakland based Chungtech is actually a well-oiled boogie-bot dispatched on a mission to share her love for all things Firme Funk. Upon arrival, total dancefloor devastation tends to ensue. As an esteemed member of the illusive Sweaterfunk and Skratchpad fams, its common knowledge that her record bag, and selection on the decks compels all attendants to burn holes in the dance floor, while simultaneously gaping, guffawing and gasping (just in case, there will be fire extinguishers available on site). In addition to searching for the perfect beat (she happens to have a personal weakness for anything on Rappers Rapp Disco Co. or Saturn Records), she can be found getting nerdy on the screenprinting tip and broadcasting the funk via Accepted Eclectic each Wednesday from 6-7 @

Leaf BulletClaire Ahll

DJ Claire Ahll has been playing the SF circuit for over six years including such clubs and bars as DNA, Lush at the Coco Club, The Hush Hush Lounge, the infamous Club Rubbish at Jezebels Joint and many more. She originally hails from Dublin. Her mission: to get funked by any means possible and to inject some serious groove into the San Francisco music scene.

Leaf BulletDJ Morale

DJ Morale, a Bay Area native, has been rocking dance floors across California for years, constantly gaining popularity and playing ever-larger shows. He sticks to his guns of punchy beats and heavy bass to get the crowds moving, spinning tracks from a wide variety of genres including breaks, booty bass, glitch, fidget/blog house, dubstep, hip hop, and party classics and BASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

He has played alongside acts such as MGMT, Nosaj Thing, MSTRKRFT, Sound Tribe Sector 9 (STS9), Zilla, Blaqstarr, Etienne De Crecy, Girl Talk, Pretty Lights, Radioclit, Nadastrom, Lazer Sword, Zilla, Heavyweight Dub Champion, and Groove Armada.

Leaf BulletDJ Rance

An East Coast native, DJ Rance cut his chops in the NYC club scene, holding down numerous residencies in lower Manhattan and Brooklyn. Initially spinning hip-hop and breaks, Rance\'s focus shifted to disco, boogie, and italo after hearing mixtapes by boogie connoisseur Maurice Fulton and Dutch electro producer I-f. Since moving out to San Francisco in \'06, Rance has held down a residency at the Attic, first at his boogie-centric Space and later at DJ Danny White\'s beat-eclectic Indie Slash.


The man they call ‘Sureshot’ is mostly well known for his groundbreaking and critically acclaimed hip hop meets jazz project ‘The Sharpshooters’. This highly innovative sound garnered him global recognition and led to numerous releases on the: Ubiquity, Om, Light In The Attic, Shadow, Conception, Hed Kandi and Sony labels. His music productions have been featured on: MTV, “The Wire”, “Kevin Hill”. “Sopranos”, “OZ”, ESPN and various TV commercials. In certain circles, Sureshots insane record collection AKA ‘Million Dollar Crates’ is often the topic of discussion. He is after all, responsible for 4 of the worlds rarest funk albums: ‘Betty Padgett’, ‘Turner Bros. Act 1’, ‘Lialeh’ and ‘ Wayne McGhie & The Sounds Of Joy’ getting proper legal reissues. Rumor has is that the heavily sampled and even bootlegged ‘Status Breaks And Beats’ and ‘Soundbwoy Reggae Breaks And Beats’ 5 LP series was also his crafty work.

Deejay “Sureshot” has been into music ever since he can remember. Buying records with his lunch money as a kid, he recalls purchasing a “Le Freak” by Chic 45 when he was in 5th grade. In his teen years he was turned on to 60’s Soul and Jamaican Ska through the Mod revival scene in the early 80’s. Years later he purchased the “Paid In Full” LP by Eric B. & Rakim and it truly changed his life forever. Hearing old funk given new life through hip hop, he started his quest for diggin’ up the originals that were being sampled by producers and cut up by disc jockeys. With over two decades of Djing and collecting under his belt, not a lot has changed. Sureshot remains loyal to quality music and keeps a “True School” attitude. His deejay sets are a perfect marriage of Funk, Soul, Hip Hop, Disco and Reggae and incorporate underground classics and future classics in these genres. Sureshot likes to mix it up in order to keep it fresh and knows how to rock a crowd. His skills and deep crates keep him in-demand and have led to performances alongside: Cut Chemist, Thievery Corporation, DJ Spinna, Music Man Miles, Peanut Butter Wolf, Max Glazer, Apollo, DJ Honda, DJ What, Pazant Brothers, J-Rocc, Shortkut, Andy Smith (Portishead), Greyboy, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Egon, Cherry Wine, The JB’s: Fred Wesley / Sweet Charles / Maceo Parker, Arrested Development, Grandmaster Caz, Busy B, Mark Rae, Aim, Ice T and Kool Keith. Sureshot has djed across the US and in London, Japan, Canada, France, Poland, Germany and Spain and has toured with Ben Harper, Prince Paul and Big Daddy Kane.

Leaf BulletDJ THOMAS

DJ Tomas co-founded the seven-man Umoja Hi-Fi DJ crew in 1993 and has been spinning reggae music since the late-80s on radio and in clubs such as his former night Crucial at Nickies. Based in SF since 1996, DJ Tomas co-hosts radio shows on KUSF, produces music as Dub ID for the Voltage Music label as well as holds down first Thursdays at Koko Cocktail\'s Culture Corner reggae night. He has eclectic tastes but his first love is reggae and Tomas will bring boxes of 45s along with acres of MP3 for Serato for his gig at Madrone.


J E Da Boss has been in the game since 1983, when as a youngster in Newark, NJ, he tried to emulate local hero DJ Cheese on a Realistic mixer with no crossfader. A few years later, a friend introduced him to legendary DJ and producer Mark the 45 King, whose mixtapes inspired E to get into digging for old records and breakbeats. From there, E worked on expanding his record collection and his DJ skills.

In 1994, E started making his own beats on a delay rack with a looping feature and a Casio SK-1 sampler. Two years later, he upgraded to the ASR-10 he uses today and has been banging out heavyweight beats ever since.

Besides his commitment to production, E has also toured the world as the performance DJ for Blackalicious, Gift of Gab, Lateef the Truthspeaker, Jennifer Johns, and Bicasso of Living Legends. Having been fed a steady diet of E\'s beat tapes, Gift of Gab said he would make a point of working with E, and later on, after Gab called him from South Africa, E officially became Blackalicious\' tour DJ and through that, also spun for Gift of Gab\'s solo tour, Lateef the Truthspeaker\'s solo tour, and some dates for Lyrics Born. He has shared the stage with such luminaries as KRS-One, Mary J. Blige, Missy Elliot, The Roots, Chaka Kahn, and many more.

That years-long touring relationship with Gift of Gab and Lateef finally moved into the studio, and the result is E\'s first release on OM Hip-Hop: \"Go Left,\" a funky, percussion-heavy affair featuring the two MCs in rare spitting form.

Currently E Da Boss is working as a vocalist for the classic soul revival group Myron and E with the Soul Investigators on Timmion Records with distribution from Stones Throw/Now Again records. They now have two 45s out featuring the tracks \"Cold Game\" and \"It\'s A Shame\" .

Leaf BulletEl Kool Kyle

Styles of music you spin: funky ghetto, dance music from the past and present that simmers out of the many barrios of Planet Earth (especially Colombia, Jamaica, Africa, The Balkans & The USA)

Leaf BulletFukashi

plays brazilian music (samba, mpb, bossa nova...), latin grooves, soul, funk, jazz, 70`s & 80`s disco classics. and so on. Mostly music he loves to play is funky, jazzy, soulful, passionate, groovy, mellow.
He usually plays different types of music every time he spins.

Leaf BulletKap10 Harris

Come expecting the best of electro, bootybass, crunk, swampy breaks, hyphy, fidgety, b.more, rap, and party classics.

Leaf BulletNeel Kizmiaz

Neel N. Kizmiaz (a.k.a. Neel Boyett) was born the day Jayne Mansfield died and the Beatles released Sgt. Pepper: June 29, 1967. A native of Tulsa, Okla., he moved to San Francisco in 1989. There he earned a bachelor of arts degree from the San Francisco Art Institute. Since 1995 he has dedicated himself to exploring the `60s and `70s groove through DJing and promoting successful parties: Tryst, Switch, Aqua Velva Lounge, White Trash, Lipstick Lounge, Zodiac (monthly party for each sign of the zodiac), Werepad "Salon" parties and, currently, Hai Karate and Lush. Currently he is preparing a compilation CD of rare `60s and `70s grooves.

Leaf BulletPolywog

An SF native, has been DJing since the 5th grade, holds an honors degree from UCSB, and finished school at Julliard. Currently, she has 2 remixes out for SF`s Karmacoda, and clips may be heard at:
Polywog`s first album will be available this fall via: Visit the site for more info on this human tadpole who has been looking forward to the emergence of the Madrone Lounge for many many moons.

Leaf BulletRevival Sound System:

Revival Sound System has helped foster new interest in rare and vintage reggae, rocksteady and ska in San Francisco via his weekly Jamaican ska, rocksteady & early reggae radio program \"Wake The Town\". Proud members of The San Francisco Vintage Reggae Society ( Revival Sound has been collecting vintage Jamaican & UK 7\" singles since the mid 1990\'s. Holding down long running San Francisco residencies at both the Make Out Room (Festival \'68) & Koko Cocktails (Fire Corner) as well as DJing opening sets for Lee \"Scratch\" Perry, Gregory Isaacs, The Skatalites, The Melodians and Eek-A-Mouse.

Leaf BulletRomanowski

San Francisco DJ Romanowski considers sneaking into his mother\'s
liquor cabinet and record collection his introduction to the DJ
lifestyle. Booze and Beatles albums gave way to old school rap and
early electronica, a combination he spun together at the age of 14 in
his native Zurich, Switzerland. He moved to San Francisco in 1992 and
soon hooked up with the Behind the Post Office collective, a group of
DJs and rappers revolving around the Behind the Post Office record
store. Sharing the stage with Meat Beat Manifesto and Thievery
Corporation, along with DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist, at the legendary
first Brainfreeze performance was a highlight of Romanowski\'s early
career. His debut, Steady Rocking on Future Primitive Sound, displayed
the DJ\'s love of Jamaica\'s rocksteady music filtered through playful
electronics. Besides his musical output, Romanowski is an artist
associated with the Curators collective and has had his work shown in
Hong Kong, Tokyo, Los Angeles, and Seattle\'s edgier galleries.

Leaf BulletRueben

A full time dj, originally from Santa Cruz, CA. Rueben has been in SF for 6 years. He has 8 years experience playing world music -Salsa,Brazil,Reggae,Dancehall,Afrofunk, 10 years playing House music-soulful,jazzy,world influenced, and 12 years playing funk/raregroove with bits of classic hiphop.

Leaf BulletSaiman

aka colorman, aka saiman li is a visual artist & a dj
His work has been shown at New Langton arts & Walter Mcbean gallery in SF. He spins an eclectic style of music from idm, tech house, rock, new wave, breaks to electro po. He has dj`d at The Hush Hush lounge, Club Six, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts & The SF MOMA.

Leaf BulletSep (Dub Mission / Kpfa)

DJ SEP has spun on Bay Area radio since 1988. Her current program, "Off The Beaten Path" an eclectic mix of many forms of electronic music airs on Monday nights at 10 pm to midnight pacific time on KPFA in Berkeley ( She has also spun at venues and clubs throughout the Bay Area as well as in London, New York, Los Angeles, and Miami. She is the founder of Dub Mission. A weekly Sunday night party running for eight years at Elbo Room, Dub Mission represents the cutting-edge dub and roots reggae music and has won a Bay Guardian Goldie in 1999, and best Dub Club in 2004. In May 2003. DJ SEP has also been nominated for an SF Weekly Music Award in the best DJ category. With her eclectic world/electronic sets, she has opened for a wide array of artists including, The Wailers, Les Nubians, Rachid Taha, AfroCelt Sound System, Transglobal Underground, The Cinematic Orchestra, The Meditations, Culture, Big Youth, Ranking Joe, Dilinger, Trinity and the Blood & fire Sound System, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Nortec Collective, Ex-Centric Sound System and Yossi Fine, Issa Bagayogo, Habib Koite, Badmarsh & Shri, Cheb i Sabbah, and Mc Sultan. For more information please check

Leaf BulletShane King

Come expecting the best of electro, bootybass, crunk, swampy breaks, hyphy, fidgety, b.more, rap, and party classics.

Leaf BulletSimilak Chyld

Rocks the wheelz o steel: 2 Turntables
Sabrina Tsang, AKA Similak Chyld, uses time-honored DJ Skills to fuse hip hop, reggae, dancehall, breaks, Latin, drum & bass and house music. Similak`s first break came while producing and hosting her own hip hop show alongside Bay Area Hip Hop pioneer Kevvy Kev. During that time, she hosted a syndicated urban television show called Back Stage Pass.

Leaf BulletVanka

Originator of the Stellar Trax Sound System, Vanka has been blessing the turntables in the Bay for more than 10 years now.
His "Misturada" party at the Make-Out Room is a crowd favorite on Saturday nights, and he`s currently also a member of the "Worldwide" crew who hold it down at Soluna on Thursdays...

Leaf BulletWisdom

DJ Wisdom started messing around on the turntables at Paul Nice`s house in upstate New York where his passion all began. Soon, he began doing a radio show at Vassar College on WVKR 91.3 FM with DJs Animation and Shock which led to his first club appearance. In 1992, he decided to move to San Francisco and his DJ career took off. His first gig in SF was "Dig" at a small club called Don`s Different Duck, or known to the old school as 3D`s. From there, he held down a regular gig at the infamous Club Deco every Friday and Saturday night for five years, becoming a favorite for hip hop lovers. In his 12 years in the Bay Area he has graced nearly every club with his turntable techniques, including Fillmore West, DNA, and The Independent (Justice League). His DJ-ing career has taken him around the country as well as abroad to places like Portland, Los Angeles, Denver, Brazil, and Germany.
In 1993, Wisdom linked up with DJ`s Raw B and J Boogie to produce an all-live underground hip-hop mix show, Beatsauce, on KUSF 90.3 FM every Sunday from 6-8 PM. Now in its tenth year, the show has earned much respect from the listeners as well as many well-known hip-hop artists. An all-star roster, guests have included KRS-One, Mobb Deep, Slick Rick, Jay-Z, Company Flow, Eminem, The Alkaholiks, Xzibit, Loot Pack, Jungle Brothers, Afrika Bambata, Gang Star, Masta Ace, and Talib Kweli . . . just to name a few. In 1998, Beatsauce was awarded the "Bay Area Guardian `s Goldie Award" recognizing excellence in their field. In 1999, Beatsauce received accolades once more earning the "Best of the Bay" award for their outstanding live-mix show.
In 1999 NC Clothing, an urban clothing-line based out of Los Angeles, began sponsoring him as one of their DJ`s, and through this connection, Wisdom has put out five promotional mix CD`s for the company. In 2003, Wisdom stepped his game up by producing his first break beat record entitled Beef Patty Breaks, which has sold over two-thousand copies. A second "Beef Patty" record is forthcoming with more releases to follow.
A beloved personality in the Bay Area and New York, one of DJ Wisdom`s key assets has always been versatility. He has the keen sense of being able to read and connect to any and all crowds.

Leaf BulletZiploc, aka Jerry Boonstra,

Deejay Ziploc spins old school disco and electro beats, always trying to incite a party. Past regular sessions have included "Hai Karate!" the popular Friday night weekly at the Hush Hush Lounge that ran for over 2 years, and "Motherfunker!"

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Leaf BulletAlison Childs

has created award-winning, eye-catching design for clients in web and print over the past 10 years. Alison now incorporates her knowledge of design and photography into the magical realm of video, creating music videos and live-performance projections for Trans Am, Enon, Antelope, Tussle, Good Morning, and others.

Leaf BulletBen Sheppee - lightrhythmvisuals (SF)

Lightrhythm Visuals co-founder, Sheppee, has released content on 6 dvds this year, published in 3 magazines and has been performing along the west coast. He co-founded "lightrhythm visuals", with Jon Schwark in 2001 and has been distributing the content of many artists in the visuals scene on DVD format. His work is screened on national television in Europe and he has just come back from Siggraph were he represented the artists on his label in a conference about VJs.
His work comes from a background of slide instillation exhibits and he has more recently been working in collaboration with musicians. His album Hidden Partition due for release in october on a multi-angle DVD, and features audio by Blockhead, Sewn, J.Tonal, Edit, Skope and Bedouin Ascent. There are video remixes of Sheppees content by the visual artists VJ Culture, Vellov, VJTV, VJ Shinji, Suryummy and more.

Leaf BulletJeff Jones

Chef de visual Cripes! draws prime cuts from the media well, serving up steaming portions of luminosity for the discerning content connoisseur. Cripes! can be found accompanying jazztronica sensations Moped with live video mixing and projections.

Leaf BulletMisha Vladimirskiy

Born: USSR (near the Carpathian Mountains)
"The work that I produce is a study in control over the viewer and the relationship between the viewer and the creator of the image. This study originated in the need to explore ways that I could participate directly in the subject of the work while maintaining control over what is seen."

Leaf BulletThe UnderSkatement film festival

is a traveling exhibit of new short films made by skateboarders. UnderSkatement has been shown all over the United States as well as Canada and Europe, and provides excellent exposure for all
types of short films--narrative, experimental, documentary and political. UnderSkatement is a forum to showcase the natural creativity of skateboarders; it is not just a traveling collection of skate videos, but rather hopes to show all the other things that make up a skater`s life.
UnderSkatement is curated by David Franklin and Andreas Trolf, who are currently working on a third installment of UnderSkatement which will premiere at the Castro Theatre sometime this Fall.

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Leaf BulletAmy Chambers

a.k.a Silver Lucy
Though crafty creations had been a big part of Amy`s formative years, it wasn`t until lucky 13 that she learned to sew. With no formal training, she took tips gleaned in high school home ec class to heart and straight to the machine. While studying graphic design in college, she interned with a local fashionista and culled the art of fashion design through pattern design & drafting, material selection, and color theory. Her future contribution to the fashion scene was born and her passion for applied art increased.
By the time she arrived in San Francisco, nearly five years ago, Amy was ready to bring a fashionable twist to this already creative town.
Knitting became a huge part of her life when her mother taught her one day, realizing the inherent engineering behind this reemerging craft was a medium she could grasp. With a few years of experience working at quality yarn shops in the area, teaching became important as well as designing knitwear. Like her father, she has taken to aiding others in understanding concept to construction vs. making stuff.
The "underground" is where Amy resides most comfortably with various methods of guerrilla marketing as her voice. "Fashion installations" have become popular since she began the concept more than two years ago. "Fashion becomes moving art," she describes, "models moving among the masses, doing something ordinary yet creative in the clothes, living in and through them! no catwalk needed."
This lifestyle has it`s price, as any starving artist knows, worth every drop of blood, sweat, and tears, nonetheless. "Help me help you help us" is a motto she is filtering into our community through contributing concepts and learned skills, building confidence in people and our overall vision as a fashion-ABLE city. Currently, Amy is running her own design studio in the Upper Haight district. Volunteering and teaching at Stitch, a new sewing lounge in Hayes Valley and working part-time at ImagiKnit, a yarn shop in the Castro are keeping her busy when she`s not meeting with clients.

Leaf BulletIndra

Has been working professionally in the Bay Area for over a decade as a director, writer, performance artist, dancer, chanteuse, fire dancer, clown, actor, costume and prop designer and fabricator as both a solo act and as an active performing member of many vital bay area theater and dance troupes. She is the co-founder and former co-Artistic Director of two successful San Francisco Dance troupes: COLLAPSINGsilence Butoh Dance Troupe ( and Go Go Pro ( She has apprenticed as a prop fabricator and stage technician for Sydney and Arthur Carson`s Nightletter Theater, manipulating sets, and running onstage film, video and slide projectors. She has studied contemporary theater and play writing with world-renowned beat poet and playwright, Michael McClure.

Leaf BulletLayla Burke

is a fashion designer and fine artist living in San francisco with an inclination to all things gold. She specializes in style and the direction the wind blows. Layla can be reached at

Leaf BulletScatha G. Allison

a.k.a. miss velvet cream
influences in the design and construction of clothing :
translation of two dimensional planes into three dimensional form / the boundaries of structures / movement / tactility / fingers / fighting / danceartists + designers i adore :
junya watanabe / alxander mcqueen / as four/ bless / miguel adrover / alicia mccarthy / mariko mori / bjork / carol rama / richard serra / plaid / barry mcgee / pipilotti rist / warren du preez + nick thornton-jones / aquasky / takashi murakami / david lynch / chen zhen / the london suede / claire rojas / terry richardson / matthew barney / FSOL / aftur / miranda caroligne
cities i call home :
hong kong / boston / reykjavik / san francisco

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Leaf BulletFeria Urbana

is an urban fair with 20-24 local artists/designers selling goods of all kinds at accessible prices. It happens twice a month; the 2nd Thursday evening and last Saturday afternoon of every month. Artists and designers are selling everything from clothing (women`s and men`s), jewelry, home accessories, artwork, photography, greeting cards, fashion accessories, baby items and much more. Every event is different.
*An important part is every month Feria Urbana supports a local arts organization/charity. They have a table set up during the Saturday events, where they can provide information about their organization and accept donations. All exhibiting artists/designers are encouraged to donate a percentage of their sales that evening as well. The Canvas Gallery also donates to my sponsored organization/charity each month.
Darcy Russell A little about me....
I began Feria Urbana (urban fair) after living for a year in South America, during which time I was inspired by the local fashion and design community in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Groups of fashion designers, artists and local residents banded together to promote arts in the community via small `ferias` in local hot spots.
Upon returning to San Francisco, my inspiration quickly blossomed into `Feria Urbana` which has flourished since its debut in mid 2003.

Leaf BulletKitchen Sink

-the magazine for people who think too much, is a non-profit, quarterly print magazine that explores thought, art, culture, identity and politics. It is the premiere program of the Neighbor Lady Community Arts Project, an Oakland-based arts organization (nonprofit status pending).
Founded by a community of writers, artists and editors in 2002, Kitchen Sink is a magazine dedicated to embracing and exploring the contradictions we find in all parts of our lives. Rather than obsess about these contradictions, we`re working together to challenge our assumptions about the world, and expand our sense of ourselves, our community, our culture and politics.
Kitchen Sink provides an original take on whatever makes us think. Our music, art and film sections present essays rather than reviews. We also ponder the sustenance found in food, sex and god. Our political and social journalism challenges the status quo of liberal and conservative ideas alike. Although we readily admit we are consumers of ideas and culture, we hope that Kitchen Sink is not simply "content," or a consumer product: We aim to carefully examine what we put into our heads. And we encourage you to do the same.
Initially, Kitchen Sink was a magazine we made for ourselves and our friends. Now we ask you to join us in creating a forum for a growing community of artists, thinkers and editors who hope to confront and explore the world in which we live.

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Other artists involved with Madrone

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